As the premier bespoke watch customiser for more than 15 years we have had many exciting requests along the way.

And now we confidently enter the world of super customization…

We created the Falcon Daytona watch to match our client’s Dassault Falcon 7X jet.

We took details from the jet to create this incredibly detailed customisation. The color scheme matches the jet with strong black silver and red accents. The case finishing is micro finished Diamond Like Carbon centre link and screw accents.

The Pratt Whitney Engines we cut into the Sub dials. And while the turbines won’t make the watch fly… They do give it a truly one of a kind appearance. Hand finishing inside the Sub dials the Pratt Whitney engine blades compliment perfectly inner mechanics perfectly.

Super personal touches were fashioned on the Falcon. The Falcon Jet chrono hand was created with hand painted micro detailing, The jet’s tail number was printed onto the glass and engraved into the exhibition.

Cosmetically modifications to the movement have been made exposing previously hidden elements as typically the 4130 is covered with a dial as all Rolex watches are. A unique sapphire exhibition case back allows a complete view through he new skeleton openwork elements of the watch along with the custom rotor that is unique to each watch.

These watches are not a limited series. They are all bespoke and unique to the owner that is commissioning the piece. This is an illustration of our technical abilities. If you would like to discuss customization services please contact us below.

All watches are made on request. Titan Black or MINC carry no available stock.

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Daytona Falcon
Limited Edition 01/01
40mm Stainless Steel with Signature TB-DLC Finish
Sapphire Crystal Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
Sapphire Crystal Glass
Water Resistance
100 m / 330 ft
Power Reserve
48 hours