Ashley Longshore x TBlack

From lines of glitter cocaine to Jesus surrounded by Louis Vuitton to Kate Moss as a nun, Ashley Longshore’s pop art paintings are never shy of daring.

Her art makes noise.

On any given day you may catch her in her New Orleans gallery painting with Blake Lively, taking business meetings in New York, or on a remote island in Hawaii painting a new collection. A self proclaimed “Urban Hippie,” Ashley enjoys being one with nature as much as she does shopping on Madison Avenue amongst the high end items depicted in her work. A prolific artist at a pivotal moment in her career, she has been compared to Andy Warhol by Town & Country Magazine, for her obsession with pop culture figures and brands as well as her relationships with celebrities. She has had major collaborations with brands such as Chloe, and Anthropologie and has emblazoned the path for pop art and fashion to coexist.

Ashley Longshore made history as she became the first solo female artist to exhibit at
Bergdorf Goodman in its 100-plus- year history along with 6 windows showcasing her
work on 5th Avenue.

"I want to live in a world of laughter, color, sparkle, and shine.
Life is too short to not spend most of the day with a smile."

"Elegant yet rebellious"

Her work has been featured in magazines in both the United States and countries around the world including Switzerland, Belgium, Japan and Australia where collectors have begun to acquire her unique pieces described by a certain celebrity client as “Elegant yet rebellious.”

Beyond movie stars such as Blake, Salma, Penelope, and others who need no more than a first name to describe them, there are the super star athletes like Eli Manning, the “hedgies” and billionaires as Ashley calls them, the jeweler to the stars, Lorraine Schwartz and the royalty, HRH Prince Pierre D’Arenberg, who are counted among her

Whether they have purchased one of her famed Audrey Hepburn portraits, her trophy series, or a piece of her bold and defiant furniture, one thing is certain they have all taken note of a new player on the scene in the contemporary art world, and their space will no longer be the same.

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