Watches of the Week
Curated selection from Director of TBlack USA, Ben Waite
Why GMT Revenge?
"The GMT Revenge is one of our boldest designs. I always envision an adventurer or action sports hero wearing it as another world record is broken."
"Many people thought putting skulls in a Rolex dial would be insane. No one knew it would look so good."
Why choose the Daytona: Himalaya?
"It's funny, before the Himalaya was revealed to the public, owning an all-white Daytona was about as unlikely as finding a Snow Leopard. This customization has made history, and continues to be a desired piece of art."
"When I wear my Daytona Himalaya, it is hard not to smile when checking the time..." - Justin Dewey, United States
"One client spoke to me and mentioned that he felt his watch was a bit too 'loud', he wanted it to be low profile. But at the same time, he didn't want it to lose aesthetic appeal. As a result, the Milgauss Dark Knight was designed to accentuate the smaller details while creating space by eliminating the numbers"
The Milgauss has always been a favorite due to the simple yet elegant bezel...